The Car


It is a 1992 Acura NSX, here are some more details about it:

  • NSX is an acronym, “New Sportscar eXperimental”
  • Manufactured in Tochigi, Japan
  • First production car to feature an all-aluminium monocoque body
  • 27-step paint process using 4-coat, 4-bake.
  • 1 of 1271 cars sold in the US in 1992, only 288 were Blk/Blk
  • Rear-wheel drive, 5-speed manual transmission
  • 4-channel anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • 3.0 liter, DOHC, 24-valve, V6 engine with titanium connecting rods, featuring Honda’s Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) system
  • 270 Horsepower @ 7100 RPM and 210 lbs. ft. Torque
  • Motor Trend Magazine Performance – 0-60 5.6s – 1/4 Mile 13.9s – 60-0 Braking 117′ – Skidpad 0.92g
  • Curb weight 3010 lbs
  • Coefficient of Drag (Cd) 0.32
  • Fuel Economy (Premium Gasoline) 17 City, 22 Highway, 19 Combined
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