Changing the Logging Level for NSX Control Plane logs

In another great post by Dmitri Kalintsev on his Telecom Occasionally bLOG I found a little nugget of incredibly useful information.  Dmitri’s article illustrates in great detail the operation of VXLAN SwSec module for VM IP Update.  It also details how to change the logging level for the NSX Control Plane logs so that you can observe VXLAN control plane operations.  Here is an excerpt from the article NSX-v under the hood: VXLAN ARP suppression

NSX Control Plane logs are written into /var/log/netcpa.log on ESXi host. Logging level by default is “info”, and needs to be changed to “verbose” to observe VXLAN control plane operations described here. To do that (at your own risk!):

1) chmod +wt /etc/vmware/netcpa/netcpa.xml
2) edit /etc/vmware/netcpa/netcpa.xml and change “info” in <level></level> section of <log> to “verbose”
3) /etc/init.d/netcpad restart

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