Create a VLAN on a Dell S55 Series Switch for VMware ESXi

Before you get started I would recommend that you get a list of the existing VLANs that have been created on the switch.  You can do this by typing show vlan

Pay particular attention to the Q Ports section.  In my case below, I have already created VLAN 100. VLAN 1 is the default VLAN for the switch.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.07.51 PM

There are two types of Q Ports U for Untagged, and T for Tagged traffic.

I’ve connected my ESXi host physical network adapters (vmnic0 and vmnic1) to ports 0/48 and 0/49.   I am “tagging”  virtual machine network traffic at the Virtual Machine Port Group named TrippLite on my VMware Standard vSwitch (vSS).

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.18.23 PM

Any virtual machine that is connected to the Virtual Machine Port Group TrippLite will have it’s traffic “tagged” with VLAN 100 before it leaves the ESXi host.

Once the traffic arrives at switch port 0/48 or 0/49 it will be sent out any other ports on VLAN 100 – in this configuration those ports are 0/37 -40.

I connected a TrippLite Serial Port/Terminal Server to port 0/37 on the S55 switch.  Unfortunately, VLAN tagging is not supported on the TrippLite device which prevents me from having it’s traffic “tagged” with VLAN 100 before it arrives at the switch.  To ensure that the TrippLite device network traffic is on VLAN 100, I have configured port 0/37 so that it automatically puts “untagged” traffic on VLAN 100.

This allows my any virtual machine connected to the TrippLite port group to manage the TrippLite device.

To configure the switch I used the following commands:


interface Vlan 100

description TrippLite

tagged tengigabitethernet 0/48-49

untagged gigabitethernet 0/37-40

no shut

If you need to delete Vlan 100, type the following:


no interface Vlan 100

You may also find the Dell Tech Tips article How Do I Use FTOS to Configure VLANs? helpful.

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