Upgrade Cisco IoS using MacBook as TFTP Server

I recently needed to upgrade a Cisco Catalyst 3560CPD-8PT-S Compact Switch, which was running an older IoS version.  I knew that my MacBook had a built in TFTP server so this seemed like a great opportunity to use it to upgrade my switch.  Here are the steps that I followed using a MacBook Pro macOS Sierra v10.12.4:

  1. Download latest IoS version for the Cisco Catalyst 3560CPD-8PT-S Compact Switch
  2. Read the Release Notes
  3. Create a TFTP Directory on my Macbook and copy the file
    • Change to the /private/ directory
      • cd /private/tftpboot
    •  Copy the Software Upgrade to the tftpboot directory
      • cp c3560c405ex-universalk9-tar.152-2.E6.tar /private/tftpboot/

    • Change the file permissions
      • chmod 766


  4. Start TFTP on your MacBook
    • sudo launchctl load -F /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/tftp.plist

    • Verify the TFTP Service is running
      • netstat -na |grep \*.69
  5. Telnet to the Cisco Switch from the Macbook
    • telnet cisco-switch-address
  6. Ensure that you have IP connectivity to the TFTP server, your MacBook, from the Cisco switch by entering this privileged EXEC command:

    Switch# ping tftp-server-address

  7. Download the image file from the TFTP server, your MacBook, to the switch.
    • archive download-sw /overwrite tftp://MacBook-address/c3560c405ex-universalk9-tar.152-2.E6.tar

  8. Stop TFTP on your MacBook
    • sudo launchctl unload -F /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/tftp.plist
    • Verify the TFTP Service is stopped
      • netstat -na |grep \*.69
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