VMware NSX Document Library

This is a collection of all of the Public Documents that are available from VMware for NSX.

NSX Administration Guide

NSX Installation and Upgrade Guide

NSX for vSphere Getting Started Guide – July 2014

VMware NSX: The Platform for Network Virtualization Datasheet – June 2014

The VMware NSX Network Virtualization Platform Technical White Paper VMware Solutions: Designed for Early and Ongoing Success – June 2014

VMware NSX for vSphere (NSX-V) Network Virtualization Design Guide – Version 2.1 – December 2014

VMware NSX for Multi-Hypervisor (NSX-MH) Network Virtualization Design Guide – Version 4.2 – November 2014

VMware NSX for vSphere (NSX-V) Network Virtualization Design Guide – Version 2.0 – March 2014

VMware NSX DFW Policy Rules Configuration Technical White Paper – VMware NSX for vSphere, Release 6.x – September 2014

Data Center Micro-Segmentation White Paper – A Software Defined Data Center Approach for “Zero Trust” Security Strategy – June 2014

VMware and Arista Network Virtualization Reference Design Guide for VMware vSphere Environments – Deploying VMware NSX with Arista’s Software Defined Cloud Networking Infrastructure – March 2014

Connecting Physical and Virtual Networks with VMware NSX and Juniper Platforms – August 2014

VMware and Brocade Network Virtualization Reference White Paper – August 2014

VMware NSX Network Virtualization Design Guide – Deploying VMware NSX with Cisco UCS and Nexus 7000 – February 2014

Network Virtualization with Dell Infrastructure and VMware NSX Reference Architecture – August 2014

NSX-v 6.1 – Security Hardening Guide (Community version 1.2) – November 2014

Securing VMware NSX – May 2014

VMware NSX for vSphere Proof-of-Concept Requirements Checklist – Version 1.6 – October 2014

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vSphere NSX: Unable to Remove or Delete Logical Switch

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 12.25.00 AM

Notification – The last operation failed for the entity with the following error message.  The object <Logical Switch Name> is in use, this operation cannot be performed.  Remove all configuration referring to this object and retry operation.

I recently working with a customer who was unable to remove or delete a logical switch that had been created.  The first step was verify that no virtual machines were connected.  To do so, I did the following:

Remove all Virtual Machines and NSX Edges from the Logical Switch

  • Click the vSphere Web Client Home icon.
  • On the vSphere Web Client Home tab, double-click on the Networking and Security icon.
  • In the left navigation pane, select Logical Switches.
  • Double-click on the Logical Switch you are attempting to delete.
  • Select the Related Objects tab, then click on the Virtual Machines button.
  • Note: If you have any remaining virtual machines connected to the Logical Switch you are attempting to delete, migrate them to another Logical Switch.
  • Click on the Manage tab, then click on the NSX Edges button.
  • Note: If you have any connections (interfaces) to an NSX Edge you will need to remove them.

In my case the customer had migrated the virtual machines, but had neglected to remove the connection to the NSX Edge.  Once the NSX Edge was removed, we were able to successfully delete the logical switch.

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On choosing VMware NSX or Cisco ACI by Brad Hedlund

Brad Hedlund, Engineering Architect with the CTO office of VMware’s Networking and Security Business Unit (NSBU), posted an article to help customers who are evaluating both VMware NSX and Cisco ACI.  You can read more here.

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Cisco Releases the Simple ACI Toolkit

According to Lauren Malhoit the Simple ACI Toolkit is basically a combination of an NX-OS like CLI and some custom python scripts that can be used to create and show common daily configuration and administrative actions.  Today it is limited in scope and does not provide the ability to create service graphs, VMM Domains, SPAN, Atomic Counters, or to view most telemetry and health score information.  However, the tool will give you a head start on automating basic configuration tasks.  For more details visit Cisco Blog > Data Center and Cloud

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Changing the Logging Level for NSX Control Plane logs

In another great post by Dmitri Kalintsev on his Telecom Occasionally bLOG I found a little nugget of incredibly useful information.  Dmitri’s article illustrates in great detail the operation of VXLAN SwSec module for VM IP Update.  It also details how to change the logging level for the NSX Control Plane logs so that you can observe VXLAN control plane operations.  Here is an excerpt from the article NSX-v under the hood: VXLAN ARP suppression

NSX Control Plane logs are written into /var/log/netcpa.log on ESXi host. Logging level by default is “info”, and needs to be changed to “verbose” to observe VXLAN control plane operations described here. To do that (at your own risk!):

1) chmod +wt /etc/vmware/netcpa/netcpa.xml
2) edit /etc/vmware/netcpa/netcpa.xml and change “info” in <level></level> section of <log> to “verbose”
3) /etc/init.d/netcpad restart

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VCP-NV Blueprint Breakdown

Geoff Wilmington @vWilmo put together an outstanding breakdown of the VCP-NV Blueprint, for those of you preparing for the exam this will certainly be a useful resource.  Find the details in his bLOG post VCP-NV Blueprint Breakdown.

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Cisco’s Failed Nicira Aquisition

Business Insider published an article by Julie Bort which details how Cisco lost a bidding war to VMware in an attempt to purchase Nicira on July 23, 2012.  According to the article VMware ultimately paid $1.05 billion in cash, plus another $210 million in stock, while Cisco Cisco offered $750 million in a mostly stock transaction that looked like $1 billion on paper.

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